Let’s Make Some Worlds Together

Big3D Company

Hello Worlds!

My name is Daniel Burns and I’m the founder of BIG3D.

So, why are we here?

Because we’ve always been obsessed with 3D animation and VFX and especially with interactive 3D worlds such as Second Life and Minecraft. Again it feels like the beginning of a big shift and it’s coming in form of Ar and VR. What will the final form factor for headsets be? We don’t know but we can see it’s being worked out. Soon the iPhone / App Store of the virtual and/or augmented reality world will emerge. What we know for sure is that these will be interactive 3D worlds that are easy and fun for humans to play in and interact with. We have to be a part of that. Hence BIG3D.
I expanded from VFX into interactive quite a while ago and after producing various apps and interactive products, the platform that stuck was Unity3D. We hate HTLM5. It sounds wonderful on paper, however the tools to create it seem ridiculous. It’s like editing without Avid or compositing without After Effects. Unity3D was the game changer we were looking for. Now we’re seeing the worlds of VFX and AR/VR merge and clearly Unity is the key tool to make this happen.

It feels like the circle is closing. It feels like home.

Welcome to BIG3D. Let’s make some worlds together.